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Thank you for looking at our website and we hope you will see something in it which meets your needs.

We are a legal practice specialising in property.  Much of  our work is around the Thames Valley, South Bucks, Heathrow and West London but we do deal with properties all over England.  

There are many elements involved in a property transaction, the process may be the same  - but each property and each client is different and  the skill is putting the components together and making the transaction work . Ultimately the person dealing with the transaction is key and must know how the  various systems work, can give some good pragmatic advice when required, communicates and works with others to make a transaction work within the required timescale - and in uncertain times it is more important than ever to have experienced professionals working with you to achieve  your goal.

That is where we can help with experienced lawyers who know how complex some things can be, yet can get to and help sort out the main issues and advise in plain language.

Property is very diverse - it can be a person's main asset, it can be used to generate income, it can be part of a business and mean the difference between fulfilling an order or not where timing is critical. It can also be a very expensive overhead which needs to managed and worked to achieve the best results.

Whatever the circumstances , we will work with you and your advisers to enable every transaction big or small to be dealt with speedily and efficiently  giving  value for money - and that is what we aim to do!

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