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Easements relate to the use and enjoyment of a property. They are not always specifically mentioned in the title and can be implied or acquired by prescription ( long use).

They relate to such matters as rights of way, rights of light, drainage or utilities, access for repair, rights of support , use of shared downpipes, eavesdrop, or party walls.

Easements can be quite a complex area and often involve checking the use of a property and its history. Problems normally occur when property is being developed or alterations are being made or something needs repairing or replacing.

When taking a lease the rights granted over an area which is not included in a demise can be particularly important especially if a tenant wants to make alterations such as installing new cabling through an area which is not part of the demise but which is vital to running the business.

The last thing anyone wants is to be involved with a dispute with a neighbour. There may be legislation which can help such as the Party Walls Act 1996 or Accessto Neigbouring Land Act 1992. We can help to avoid or manage a situation.

If you have any queries or difficulties contact us. Often such issues areresolved by mutual agreement and we canprepare the documentationto reflect this.

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