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Case Studies - real cases where our lawyers have been able to help!

Case Study 1 - Purchase of shares in a Company

Advising on and negotiatingbothwarranties and indemnities in the Share Purchase Agreement,includingobtainingreplies to enquiries and full reporting on the titles to the properties. The carrying out of searches and checkingof planning permissions for the properties.Preparation of property lists for lease break clauses and rent reviews, with thecompilation of a portfolio for the client.

Case Study 2 - Purchase of assets from a Receiver

Advising on the limited warranties given by the Receiver in the Asset Purchase Agreement and full reporting on the titles to the properties. Carrying out of personal searches and planning permissions at speed. Advising on and applying to the Landlords of the properties being acquired for the assignment of various leasehold propertiesand post completion work required one the assets have been purchased. Referral of client to specific adviser for land contanimation issues.

Case Study 3 - Franchise Agreements

Acting for a firm of lawyers in connection with their franchisee client taking an assignment of a lease from an outgoing tenant, and with the firm of lawyers acting in relation tothe new franchise agreement from the franchisor.

Case Study 4 - Environmental Law

Advising a client whether theCRC Energy Efficiency Scheme affects their organisation.

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