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Case Studies - real cases where our lawyers have been able to help!

Case Study 1 -  Residential and Development

A private owner owned a house with a large garden. Planning permission obtained to demolish the house and replace with three new houses. The individual wanted one of the new houses when built and to know what was going to be built on the remainder of the site.  Agreement entered into with a builder to build a new house to the owner's specifications and to build new houses to an agreed style on the remainder of the site subject to a balancing payment

Case Study 2 - Residential

Five individuals who owned large gardens each agreed a sale of part of their garden to a developer with restrictions on the type of houses to be built on the land sold

Case Study 3 - Residential

Acting for 16 people who had all clubbed together to buy a piece of land to divide between them to  increase their gardens. Setting up a company, buying the land and acting in the division of the individual plots.

Case study 4 -  Residential Development

Acting for devleopers on the acquiistion of sites for the construction and sale of freehold properties with communal charges for the maintenance and repair of a gated access, private road and and amentiy areas.

Case study 5 - Residential and investment

Property through the generations. Buying a property in the name of a limited company subject to a loan in favour of grand parents and mortgagees with the shares being held on trust for the children. The income from the property helped to fund school and university educations and eventually the shares were sold by the children to fund deposits for their own homes. The loan to the grandparents was left outstanding until it was required by them. 

Case study 6 - Residential Mortgage

Acting in connection with a second charge to parents to assist children buying their first property.

Case study 7 - Leasehold Enfranchisement

Acting for eight flat owners who purchased the freehold of their building pursuant to the procedures set out in the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993.    

Case Study 8 - Leasehold Extension

Acting for several flat owners in connection with their lease extensions for a term orignially comprising 99 years to that of 150 years. 


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