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" Impossible to predict- the future is" Yoda

The future is impossible to predict butmost people need a base to live or to work which normally involvesproperty!Property has always been used for investment purposes. Whether you are just starting with your first investment property or have a portfolio, we can help you andtailor our services to meet your requirements.

What type of property and the purpose of the acquisition can make a differenceas to how it is purchased at the outset. Whose name should it be in? How much control do you wish to retain?Should it be in an individual name?In a trust or a SIPP? In the name of a limited company, or a limited liability partnership? We work with you and your advisers to work out what is best for you and your needs.

Is the propertyfor income or capital appreciation? Do you wish to hold it long term or short term? Do you need finance?We know what the banks are looking for. They do have different requirements. What will the property is used for -is it commercial or residential use or both?

It makes a difference whethera propertyis being purchasedas a long term investment, or as a short term investment, or as part ofyour business. It also makes a difference whether it is a commercial or residential property as the legislation isdifferent.

We have experience of all types of property from investment, freehold reversions, buy to lets, andbusinesses acquiring property for their own occupation.

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