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Granting and Taking Leases

We act for landlords granting leases and tenants taking leases and do so much of this type of work  you can find more information under  our  "Leasehold" heading.

Leases are not all the same and there can be some real pitfalls which need to be avoided, whether acting for a landlord or a tenant.

What we try to do is highlight the main issues and work with you to achieve any time constraints. The main elements tend to be:-

  • service charges
  • utilities
  • repairing obligations
  • the alienation provisions - the right to transfer the lease or deal with it by way of an underlease
  • alterations
  • what happens at the end of a lease - is the tenant entitled to a new lease  or does the tenant have to vacate

We also help what we describe as "reluctant landlords" being those whose main function is not letting property, but who have surplus accommodation which has been let or "rebounded back" on them under an authorised guarantee agreement and who may need a little  help in managing it.

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