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We deal with all types of options, for example,options to grant/take a lease andoptions connected with the sale/purchase of land

Normally options are used when a purchase or a sale is dependent upon something else happening whch has to take place prior to the commitment to buy or to sellbeingfully made. This is usually somethingsuch asplanning permission being obtained.

Options can be quite complicated as sometimes matters are being agreed for an event which may or may not take place in the future and there is a whole series of "what ifs..." which need to be explored between the option being granted and eventual completion which may need to be provided for in the agreement.

It sometimes includes overage provisions, indexation provisions, flexible completion dates and various conditions attaching to the sale or purchase

We have experienced solicitors who have dealt with many options and are very aware of the various pitfalls and will work with you and your advisers to achieve the deal you want.

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