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Case Studies - real cases where our lawyers have been able to help!

Case Study 1 -Leases

Purchase of several retail units on 10 or 15 year business leases for a tenant portfolio client in a variety of shopping centres within the UK. Leases includerent clauses assessing rent onTurnover Rents, as well as specific use and restrictive covenants. Advising on rent concession deeds.

Case Study2 - Licences

Acting for a freehold reversioner on the terms of a licence for alterations, as well as a licence for a crane to abseil.

Case Study3 - Leases, Commercial and Development

Acting for a developer client piecing together a site which comprisedresidential properties and old industrial units. Obtaining vacant possession of the industrial units, agreeing short term lets whilst planning permission sought,sorting out rights of way issues, agreeing a s106 agreement.Liaising with architects, surveyors, cabe and finally selling the site on with the benefit of planning permission.

Case study 4 - Leases and Development

Acting for developers in the acquisition of mixed used sites for development includingthe grant ofnew commercial leases andselling the reversion to an investment company; setting up a management company and selling the individual flats on long leases.

Case study5 - Lease and break clause

Abusiness client had anunderleaseand was struggling to make ends meet. The lease had been takenin the clients personal name which meant his own assets were at risk ifhe defaulted.There was no break clause in the underlease, but when we checked the head lease we found that his immediate landlord (the tenant under the headlease) did havea break clause. We were able to approach his landlord and asked him to exercise his break clause which brought the underlease to an end. Our client was lucky but if he had not asked us to check the lease he would have had a few more years payingthe rent!

Case study 6 - Mineral Leases

Acting for a client who took a 10 year underlease for mineral extraction and restoration.Later, exchanging and completing a tri-parteagreement to surrender the underlease andheadlease, and topurchase of the freehold site.

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