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"70% of foreign owned businesses in the U.K. locate within 60 minutes of Heathrow"

We are located in Windsor within easy reach of Heathrow

We find that a lot of clients use lawyers in London or elsewhere to deal with their corporate work especially if it has an international element but would prefer to use a firm specialising in property or real estate for theirEnglish property requirements.

We very happy to liaise with your corporate lawyers and deal with the property side of a transaction on your behalf. With e-mails it makes little difference where people are situate and we are used toworking with others to achieve an end result.

Many people in the corporate worldhave to juggle manyballs at once. Sometimesa level of management has disappeared and theCOO, Accountant or Property Facilities Manager find themselves responsible for all the property in the companies' portfolio withlittle time to deal with it and would appreciate someone they can refer property queries to. Few people have time or the inclination tosift through a stack of documents to work out what may or may not be relevant!

What we will do isto checkproperty documents, make the information more manageable, and by listing the properties, make sure you have all the documents readily available with a note of key dates such as break notices and termination dates, andset out details of the main issues for each property.If required, we can request surveyors tosort out any dilapidation issues for you, or any lease renewals.

In recent times, we have found some companies are "reluctant" landlords in that they have had surplus space which they need tounderlet and manage, or do not appreciate what needs to be done at the end of a lease, or the value (or in some cases the lack of value) of a break clause. We have advised companies on liabilitiesor assets they were not aware of after acquiring a company from a receiver or taking over a company.

We are used togoing through assetsale and purchase agreements and reporting on the various properties,including dealing wtih the property aspects on companyre-organisations where it has been necessary to deal with the transfers of properties to the new company, including dealing with Landlords their solicitors and arranging for the assignment of various leases.

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