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Residential Sales

Our lawyers are normally contactable by e-mail or telephone at any time and will do their best to offer you a good service. We are happy to see you out of normaloffice hours or if necessary visit you at your home.

Whether selling your whole property or simply part we can help.

If selling part do you want to impose any restrictive covenants fencing obligations, oroverage provisions?

Have you a problem with your title which needs to be resolved before a sale proceeds?

If we are instructed in good time we willget the paper work ready, advise you of any likely issues and be ready to send the papers out as soon as details of a purchaser are made known to us.This is particularly important if your property forms part of a private estate where there are service charges or a leasehold property

Properties involved in a chain of transactions normally require knowledge of the chain, working with agents and working toget a transaction completed.

Stepson a sale :

  • As soon as you decide to sell your property let us know. Wewill check throught the paperwork and sort out any issues which may be apparent. If you have had any alterations carried out to the property please give us the paperwork such as copy planning permission, building regulation consent and any certificate of completion which may have been issued
  • We will ask you to complete some forms which are part of a standardpackage which the buyer will expect to receive. It is important that as much information as possible is given on these forms and that the information given is correct. Far better to admit lack of knowledge than to make a guess as the buyer will be relying on the information given and can be entitled to damages if any loss arises as a result of incorrect information. If you are keen to ensure a quick exchange we can arrange for the searches normally undertaken by the buyer to be available so that a full package of paperwork is available
  • As soon as details of your sale are made known to us by the agent we will send out the documents to the buyers solicitors. There is then likely to be a delay of several weeks whilst the buyer sorts out their mortgage and undertakes a survey of the property during which timethe buyers solicitors raise any queries they may have on the paperwork
  • As soon as the buyer has his finances in place, search results and any enquiries have been satisfied a completion date will be agreed which will be the date you have to move out of the property. You will be asked to sign the contract
  • When everyone is ready contracts are exchanged at which point everyone is committed to the sale and purchase on the completion date. On exchange the buyer normally pays a deposit which amounts to 10% of the purchase price which can be used on any related purchase
  • On the completion day you will need to have vacated the property by 1.00pm at the latest and normally the keys are left with the agent
  • Once we received the monies the keys are released, we redeem your mortgage and send any balancing sum to you or use it on a related sale

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